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Welcome to AtlanTech Vision

Looking at our next great adventure, AtlanTech Vision is creating new methods of getting from earth into new frontiers!

  • AtlanTech Vision Productions - Currently in development:
    From Earth to Moon
  • Colorado Launch - Launch facilities developed to lower the cost of placing into orbit the machines and materials needed for exploring outer space.
  • PortAvend - Manufacturing and assembly facility to create the vehicles and system needed for space travel.
  • Self Driver - Development of navigation system for ability to retrofit all cars to self driving automobile.
    • Driver must use accelerator, no speed control available.
    • Compact and easy to install, some late model cars require replacement of steering column
    • Can combine with other self driving automobiles to form trains for long term travel
    • Automatically deactivates, with warnings, if brakes or steering wheel are used
  • Long Term Pantry - Development of extended storage of food including maintenance, use and eliminating waste.
  • AtlanTech Robotics - Development of robotic systems required for maintenance and repair of space vehicles.
  • AtlanTech Vision Softs - Development of Cross Platform Games 

If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.

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